Specific Rear Wheel Stand CM05S, for most Sportsbikes with swingarms spools under the rear axle.

High quality stand built for professional uses, for riders who likes quality products.


Comes with with " V " fork sliders only (fig. 3), adjustable with Rings (fig. 1) , four rubber wheels (fig. 4) guarantee correct stability.
Rubber sliders (fig. 2) are not supported with this stand.

We suggest to choose Alu7075 rear wheels stand brackets for preset swing arms.

With this specific stand is really easier lift up bikes that have the the rear wheel brackets under the arm (=under the rear axle), in fact the power required to lift it up is really lower compared to a traditional rear stand. The rear wheel is as well at the correct height , while with a traditional stand will be too high.

Rear Wheel Stand / Paddock Stand (Fork sliders included)


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