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These swing arm spool sliders are designed to mount into the OEM swing arm holes of your motorcycle. Motovation spool sliders are made with the same proprietary slider material used in our legendary frame sliders. Inside the spool sliders is a machined aluminum insert for the best protection of your swingarm.

Motovation has designed these spools with the added functionality of allowing the use of rear stands for quick tire changes or maintenance.



Motovation swingarm sliders include stainless steel bolts, stainless washers and machined aluminum inserts.


Motovation Part # SAS8

Fits: Swingarm Bolt Hole Size M8 (8mm Thread Diameter)

Note: Some manufacturers have changed the swingarm spool hole sizing for newer models. Please be sure to properly measure your bolt hole size before ordering and verify that spool mounting points exist.

Note: Some models will require the included standoff bushings to accommodate the recessed mounting tab on your bikes swingarm. Longer bolts and optional aluminum standoff bushings are included to accommodate many different bike models.

MOTOVATION™ Swingarm Spool Sliders


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