1) Orders

1.1) you can buy only products or services present in the site.
1.2) your order has been correctly placed if you receive an automatic e-mail generated by our server. This is proof that your order has been received but not that it is confirmed yet. 
1.3) Order Status –

'ORDER RECEIVED: It is an E-MAIL generated by a RK MOTORSTORE operator after the order has been checked. This page states we received your personal data and that we confirm your product's order.

'ORDER SHIPPED': Confirmation that your order has been shipped. If we have added a tracking number, you will see it in your E-MAIL.

‘ORDER READY FOR PICKUP’ notifies that your order is ready for collection or shipment, and contains all necessary instructions.

2) Availability and Delivery Time

2.1) the availability is daily updated, displayed in each item's product detail page and also in the basket.
The availability estimate on each item's product detail page refers only to how long it will take that item to leave us once you place your order. It does not include the time your order will take to reach you once we ship it.
In any case order confirm will advice about delays or problems.
2.2) RK MOTORSTORE will only ship in one batch once every item is in stock. Extremely urgent parts can be shipped separately on demand, paying an extra delivery charge.
2.3) Unless customer's written communication indicating a term longer than 30 business days, or unless availability is more than 30 business days RK MOTORSTORE is bound to: 2.3.A) to carry out order as soon as possible but within 30 business days, from the day after the order or within availability period (you can check it in every product's detail); 2.3.B) After the delivery term is gone, RK MOTORSTORE informs the customer, who can decide to get on waiting, to totally or partially cancel his order, or/and to receive money back (only for advance payment orders); 2.3.C) unless customer's consent, RK MOTORSTORE could not carry out orders with different products even if their quantity or their value is equal or higher.
2.4) Advance payment orders will be prepared only after receiving the bank's receipt and shipped only after payment would be recorded on our account.

2.5) Expected delivery for Destinations outside of Singapore is 15-30 days.


3) Shipping: RK MOTORSTORE orders are delivered WORLDWIDE through express couriers.

4)  Prices, Taxes, Currency.

4.1) Prices are in SGD currency.
4.2) every order is billed. Invoice is billed using data filled in the "billing address fields". After invoice is drawn, no correction could be done.

5) Return Policy

5.1) you may return any unused merchandise in its original conditions within 30 business days of the date you received the item and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item.
5.2) Return policy applies to every person who is a final consumer, customer who buy products outside their business.
5.3) Return policy does not applies to Professional Consumers, customers who buys products for their business.
5.4) Return Policy applies to any unused merchandise in its original conditions.
5.5) Return Policy does not apply to used or unsealed products (for example you can't try a muffler on your bike) and custom made products.
5.6) to return first contact us by E-MAIL and we will provide with you with the necessary instructions.
5.7) RK MOTORSTORE will refund within 30 business days of the date of arrival to our warehouse the whole amount of the products except shipping costs and any import or export custom duties. If the purchase is part of a promotion where one or more items are given away as part of the primary products or sold at a special price, return items should be the whole promotion items; if the promotion purchase is composed by some products (for example a pair of tires), return items should be the whole promotion items as well.

6) Guarantee: Every Product sold by RK MOTORSTORE is covered by One Year Limited Manufacturer's Conventional Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that a defect appears during the guarantee period, please use our e-mail info@rkmotorstore.com to contact us, our technician will try to solve the problem without a return (for example problem could be only a wrong configuration or a missing ancillary accessory).

If defect is confirmed by technical support, we will provide you a detailed instruction list on how to return part via E-MAIL.

Return Delivery will be arranged by RK MOTORSTORE if a product is DOA (Dead On Arrival) within 10 days delivery, costs to be paid by customer if made afterwards.

Guarantee does not apply to damage from improper use, abuse, accidents, unauthorized service.


7.1) INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE: We attempt to keep this web site up-to-date as possible we can. But due to the changing nature of these type of products, always chasing improvements and state of the art manufacturing we cannot guarantee that all information or pictures are describing products as really they are or as really they will be delivered.
Prices are subject to change without notice, we cannot be liable for any existing pricing changes, mistakes, typos, misprints or updates.
Pictures are for reference only and subject to change without notice.
RK MOTORSTORE cannot be liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information found in this web site. Product application are suggested by every manufacturer, we do not assure correspondence with the OEM part.

7.2) PRODUCTS: Our products are not for street legal use or highway use, (except if indicated) they are for racing use only.
Riding a bike is really hazardous, we cannot be liable for any outcome, damage, injury or death occurred while using our products.
Using product not legal for street use could be considered a crime or be persecuted, we disapprove use of racing products outside closed circuits, fairs and sport events.

RK MOTORSTORE does not own any of the displayed products or companies or company logo except for RK MOTORSTORE logo.